Tall and fair, Aradhel is a graceful elf who can sometimes seem larger than her frame suggests.  Her skin is clear and smooth, with a straight, pert nose, and soft feminine features.  Her smile suggests she's already thinking of some way to get even.  Her honey brown hair is tied back by the simplest leather tie.  Her eyes are dark and carry the beauty of her race, but hauntingly sad.

Aradhel walks, speaks and acts with a certain unfortunate pretentiousness, like somebody who is used to both better and different in life.  She is rather clean for someone in her mercenary occupation, and occasionally she seems to check her wrist, neck and fingers as if to adjust jewelry or baubles which are no longer there.

Her personal effects are few.  Her blades are long and slender with matching wooden hilts, as if they came from the same weaponsmith, but they are not of any kind of advanced crafstmanship.  A silvery chain hauberk covers most of her, and the clothes underneath are neutral earthtones, and of simple but rugged make, with tight leather gloves, a wide sword belt, and tall boots.

Her way of speaking and acting has a way of coming off wrong, as if what she says or does often gets misinterpreted as arrogant or condescending due to cultural barriers.  But after some exposure it's more apparent she's not being haughty, that's just how she is.  In idle moments she can be seen staring off into the past.