"Bella" is a stunningly attractive Elven lass with a petite build at five feet in height.  Her body is trim, with a dancer's tone, slim hips and small breasts high upon her ribcage.  She wears a brightly colored loose blouse with off the  shoulder billowy sleeves and a bodice with open-laced design of a darker, primary shade.  Her lower body and legs are swathed in multi-hued skirts of varying translucency from completely diaphanous to nearly opaque.  The bright colors give way in their layers and pleats which, while covering, do little to conceal all of her charms.  A hint of her ivory-skinned calf and thigh is visible through the seemingly random gaps that coyly expose and then conceal her graceful motions.  Her hazel eyes seem to shift from the green of a forest glen to the deep brown of cherry bark, which draw any avid gazer deeply into them.

Tresses the shade of burnt scarlet akin to the maple leaves in  autumn cascade over her shoulders to the small of her back.  Her long curly bangs draw to one side, half-masking her left eye and caressing her face, drawing attention to the amethyst and pale sapphire semi mystical-whimsical tattoo which colors her left cheek which mirrors the smaller coloration above and around her right eye. Her long locks are otherwise worn drawn back behind her ears with a comb.  Her full lips part slightly in a smile fit to bewitch any gazing upon her.