Kraig Pars
Craig is of average height and weight with dark hair and brown eyes.

Kraig was born on Karin in the Five Sisters to a ranching family.  Bored by the bucolic life on the farm he caught a ride out as deck hand on a passing freighter.  He proved to have quite the aptitude for merchant life and was quickly promoted within his first term of service.  He worked for Tukera Lines for eight years before leaving to join a start up line.  Seeking greater gain the risk proved to be more than Kraig had figured and the line went bankrupt due to interference from his old employer.  During the process he incurred the wrath of Lishugin Kimisharii, his old boss who had pursued Kraig due to anger at his leaving Tukera.

Bankrupt and without options, Kraig found an aptitude for corporate intelligence work for Ling Standard Products.  His wide experience and contacts as a merchant made him a perfect agent and he performed quite well.  However the life of an agent was not to his liking and he resigned from LSP service.  Fortunately at the exit was much better than from Tukera and he was able to keep the subdermal armor implanted for a particularly hazardous mission.