Augie Mirandor
A determined and stone-cold man, Rickie became his profession when he had to attend to a fallen alien scout vessel which had landed in his city. After reviving the pilot, officials were able to efficiently accuse, interrogate, and torture the alien to reveal its species' plans against the inhabitants of Rickie's planet. This brought fame to Rickie as the key cause of the human survival on that planet, simply by reviving an alien. However, this was not the legacy Rickie wanted.

Well-known in his planet for being a soft and friendly healer, Rickie sought off to make a rugged and bad-ass, but loyal and dutiful name for himself. Years later, he found the opportunity on the ship, Classic LLB. Although needing to sign in as a medical pilot for the fleet, he intends to rise to places never seen before by committing amazing acts of bravery and ruggedness, which makes him a loose cannon. However, he is loyal to his fleet, and will do whatever necessary to protect them.

Gambler (0)
Gunner (1)
Capital Weapons (1)
Turrets (0)
Ortillery (0)
Screens (1)
Gun Combat (2)
Energy Pistol (0)
Energy Rifle (0)
Shotgun (2)
Slug Pistol (0)
Slug Carbines (0)
Slug Rifle (0)
Zero-G Weapons (0)
Heavy Weapons (0)
Field Artillery (0)
Flamethrowers (0)
Launchers (0)
Man Portable Artillery (0)
Instruction (0)
Interrogation (1)
Doubletalk (1)
Torture (0)
Investigate (0)
Jack Of All Trades (0)
Language (1)
Anglic (1)
Aslani (0)
Oynprith (0)
Vargran (0)
Vilani (0)
Zdetl (0)
Leadership (1)
Life Sciences (4)
Biology (2)+1
Cybernetics (1)+1
Genetics (1)
Psionicology (1)
Mechanic (0)
Medic (4)+2
Melee (0)
Blade (0)
Bludgeon (0)
Natural Weapons (0)
Unarmed Combat (0)
Persuade (0)
Pilot (1)
Capital Ships (0)
Small Craft (2)
Spacecraft (0)
Physical Sciences (1)
Chemistry (1)
Electronics (0)+1
Physics (0)