Harry McStubbin
A human male that is 5'9" tall and weighs 170 lbs. He has brown hair and blue eyes and appears to be left handed. He wears a brown leather bomber jacket over blue coveralls.

Chief Petty Officer retired Harry McStubbin age 42
Gunnery 3, Computer 1, Gun Cbt 1 (laser rifle), Jack 'o Trades 1, Blade Cbt 1 (sword), Farming 0, Archery 0, Instrument 0, Comms 1, Vacc Suit 1, Mechanics 1, Pilot 0, Sensors 0, Swimming 0, Trade 3, Broker 3, Steward 0, Robotics 0, Astrogation 2, Electronics 1, Anglic 1, Aslani 1, Vargr 1, Zdetl 1, Vilani 1

+2 education, sword, Travellers',       70,000 credits

Harry was born on Lanth as a farm hand. Upon reaching his 18th birthday, he
enlisted in the Imperial Navy where he served for 24 years. Since retiring,
he has used his Travellers to move about the empire looking for adventure.
He plays the oboe, fair, not real good.