Maurice Markus
Somewhere in his 80s, Mylar Vorkosigan is the 32nd Baron Vorkosigan, Baron of the Wasteland on Regina. The last part doesn't get used much any more because the Wasteland has been terraformed and doesn't really exist any more.

His wife is Lady Talisandra; he has three children: Marlik (29), Nils (27) and Stellanara (21). His household also includes 22 servants... butler, gardener, steward, sommelier, chef, sous chef, 6 maids, 6 musicians, and 4 security guards.

He likes to play cards (bridge, canasta, whist, euchre, and sometimes poker); he doesn't cheat but he's very good at it.

At 6'3" tall and 188lbs, he's an excellent archer.