Siyeon Lee

Name: Siyeon Lee

Age: 38, but looks like 22

Gender: female

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 110 lbs

Hair: black and long

Eyes: brown

Professional History (known by basically everyone):

Siyeon is a celebrity. She is known in the whole subsector for her talents. Having started off at the bottom, she first was the main singer for a group making popular music. Here she can be seen fronting the group:

She went solo when the group disbanded, and her career really took off. Here's an example of her singing:

She got known for doing ballads but also rocky songs like this one:

Recently, she went on hiatus, it is unlikely that she would come out with new music any time soon.

She has been doing this for close to two decades. It is an open secret that her aging process has been stopped artificially.

Current look: