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Marrok Stone

Kishan Marrok Stone
Height: 6'2" (1.88m)     Weight: 234lb (106kg)
Hair: Dark Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Birth: November 16, 3108; Olympus, District 7
Callsign: Riot
Reputation: +2

Tall, and solidly built, Marrok Stone comes across as a bear of a man at first glance, everything about him large and imposing, from his heavy, ground-covering stride, to the deep timbre of his voice, well-suited for carrying instructions over the din of a battlefield or the roar of an athletic field alike.  His deep tan and the sunbleached ends of his unruly auburn hair speak to his love of the outdoors, his well-muscled frame a testament to a life of physical pursuits, military and recreational alike.  Sporting an almost perpetual five-o'clock shadow, Marrok prefers comfortable, casual clothing, opting for his fatigues and sleeveless t-shirts in any scenario where they are remotely appropriate - and some in which they aren't, if he can get away with it.  His favorite article of clothing, however, is an old (and very well taken care of) leather jacket, its panels comprised of varying shades of green and black and even some camouflage, decorated with an assortment of studs, straps, buckles, and zippered pockets.

At all times, Marrok wears a pendant slung alongside his dogtags, a wolf's head of solid tungsten, on a sturdy chain. On the third finger of his right hand, he wears a ring of silver, clearly intended to represent an owl.  A tattoo of bright blue, centimeter-high Devanagari script stretches down the inside of his left forearm, from the crook of his elbow to the center of his wrist.  This is topped by a level line of lighter blue with a small shark fin protruding from it, his souvenir from the Blue Sharks' first bonding exercise.

On the field, Marrok operates an Anvil, one of Aegis Manufactored's heavy battlemechs.

More than once, Marrok has been likened to what his grandfather must have been like, in his youth, a comparison that doesn't help the immense weight placed upon the young man's broad shoulders... a weight that has led him to take his studies and his military duties very seriously, but never to the point of placing protocol or propriety above his friends and comrades.  Always the first to suggest getting off base to blow off some steam on a leave weekend, Marrok may perhaps cope by drowning his stress beneath copious amounts of alcohol, given the opportunity... but rarely to the point that he becomes anything other than a jovial, prank-loving drunk.

The eldest child and only son of Representative Lyall Stone, and the grandson of Master Sergeant Cam Winston and Mechwarrior Sergeant Randal Stone, Marrok has just begun his attempts to step into their shoes.  Having completed his first tour of duty with the 5th Regiment in 3131, he spent the following year at the Aahil Arcand Military Academy, teaching mech-on-mech combat to the senior students, and introductory martial arts to the youngest.  Marrok was the first warrior selected to be one of the 5th Regiment's three 'tributes' to the 1st, during the 3132 cycle.  Having seen solid action against the Steel Wolves on both Northwind and Terra, Marrok has recently been promoted to Brevet Lieutenant and placed in charge of a lance in the newly-expanded Black Dogs.

Marrok's tattoo:

Marrok's ring:

Assigned Battlemech: Anvil ANV-HH-1A