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Lyall Stone

Height: 6'1" (1.85m)
Weight: 230lb (104kg)
Hair: Grey   Eyes: Brown
DOB: Feb 18, 3053; Black Knight, Haddings.
Position: Major (Retired); Representative to the Senate of the Republic of the Sphere.
Callsign: Ten
In System Reputation +9

At 80 years of age, Representative Stone certainly wears his age well. Beard and hair snow white, he still maintains the large physique of his youth, though he certainly has thickened slightly around the middle. While at his station on Terra, it is rare to see an expression on his face beyond the occasional glimpse of amusement in his brown eyes and the smirk that curls at his lips. When in the privacy of the Embassy, or especially when back on his homeworld of Haddings, Stone has a wide and jovial smile that accents the laugh lines that have spread around his eyes.

Usually forced to wear more formal robes as symbol of his office, the big man prefers more comfortable clothing when he is able to rest and relax at home, dark slacks with soft tunics and a canvas jacket. Peeking out of his right sleeve appears to be a shiny gauntlet, but on closer inspection it becomes obvious that it is an artificial hand, the constant tapping sounds it can make against table tops often a tool for the Representative to aggravate his System's opponents. On the rare times he can be seen sleeveless, an inked band of Devanagari script wraps around his left bicep.

The son of Mechwarriors Randal Stone and Cam Stone nee Winston, Lyall was one of the first children born during the 'founding boom'. From an early age he was surrounded by warriors, either on the original First Sword proving grounds where his father taught, or among the nascent 5th Regiment and its Clan members. Early on he chose to take the path of a Mechwarrior, but it wasn't until he first began his training in 3067 that he really understood the expectations placed upon his shoulders by many of those who knew his father, whose reputation had become nearly mythical since his death in the Great Refusal.

While the pressure affected him in many ways, Lyall showed himself to be even greater than what was expected as he proved himself as a hero of the Jihad, one of the early graduates in a time where every skilled body was needed on the field. It was in his mother's old Hammerhands, Sixx, that he fought from 3069 on in the command company of the regiment, the Shadow Hawks. While he fought often alongside his mother, it was in 3071, during the Great Battle of Chara, that the skull-faced Mechs stood side by side in one of the iconic moments of that time, later captured in photos and numerous paintings.

Lyall continued to see combat throughout the Jihad, climbing up the ranks to Captain of his own company by 3078 when he was part of the liberation of Terra. In 3090 he was promoted to replace Caroline Durrant as Major of the 5th Regiment's Fourth Battalion when she ascended to Colonel, but in a surprise move in 3093, at the age of 40, he made a temporary transfer to JAG to become a fully trained Advocate. He served with as much distinction there as he did on the battlefield, helping to unify the differing codes among the various districts.

In 3105 he met Aoife, an Athemas of House Lycaeus who had chosen to join the medical profession, after an argument in the local bar that had gotten out of hand and he attempted to end peacefully. This meeting would prove to be a boon, as he married Aoife two years later, with her giving birth to his two children, Marrok and Lyka, in 3108 and 3110 respectively.

In 3116, Lyall was appointed the Representative of Haddings, a position he still holds as he works to further the relationship between Haddings and the Republic, to the benefit of Haddings itself.