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Astor Karrde

Height: 6'0" (1.83m)
Weight: 200lb (90kg)
Hair: Dark Blonde    Eyes: Green
DOB: January 26, 3100; Custos, District 0
Position: Major; Commanding Officer of Third Battalion, 1st Regiment - 'The Maulers'.
Callsign: 'Warden'
Attractive, Gregarious, In System Reputation Level +8

Of average height and weight, if more toned and in-shape than most, even among the Guards, Astor Karrde comes across as very much the everyman.  That one guy that gets along with just about anyone, his genial nature and ready smile can coax acceptance from the most disgruntled of enlisted men, even the ones that rapidly usher their significant others away from the handsome Major.  Exceptions, of course, always exist, and one of the few surefire ways to get on the Warden's bad side is to screw with his men.

The only child of Everwatch Captain Eton Karrde, Astor's enlistment in the 1st Regiment and not the 'Watch was unexpected - particularly as a mechwarrior, and not a battlearmor operator like his famous grandfather - especially among those who had applied a 'like father, like son' mindset to the Karrde line.  Taking after his grandmother instead, Karrde showed himself to have a real gift from the start when it came to 'mechs, rapidly adopting the utterly ruthless and devastatingly fast combat style that was the Maulers' battlefield calling card, and making it his own.

A bit of a wild child in his youth, and notorious for not only getting into - but also getting out of - trouble at the FSMC with his partner in crime, Jack Forrest, the past decade and a half of service has mellowed Karrde considerably... although if asked, he would attribute most of that to the influence of his wife and young son.  Awarded command of his company in early 3131, he has proven himself to be an even-keeled and capable officer, shedding the playboy image of his academy days for the more respectable reputation of a commander that leads both by example, and from the front.

When not on duty, Karrde can usually be caught in jeans and t-shirts, layered with open buttondowns, or his favorite well-worn fatigues jacket - bearing the roaring polar bear insignia of the Maulers on the shoulder - as the weather and season dictate, the sleeves often pushed or rolled up.  Out of uniform, he replaces the flashy Gunslinger Revolver that usually rides on his hip with a standard-issue autopistol: occasionally concealed, but always present.  In uniform or out, he's never without his polished titanium wedding ring, or a necklace of rose gold with a matching pendant in the shape of a hawk with upraised wings, although the latter is almost always hidden beneath his shirt.

If seen with his arms bare, a tattoo of a golden Cameron Star set on a set of black rings is placed on his right upper arm and bicep. Surrounding the star in a ring are the words Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes in a red. Done in special ink, the tattoo glows slightly even in the light, and brightly in the dark. This is the famous 'Brand' of the Gunslingers, illegal for anyone else to have. In addition to the Gunslinger Brand, Karrde sports a small collection of more personal tattoos that may be visible - in whole or in part - depending on his attire. His left pectoral is covered with a large crimson hawk rendered in profile, with bared talons and wings of flame stretching up all the way onto the shoulder. A fan of four well-worn playing cards is etched upon the inside of his left bicep, the stacked Joker, Queen of Hearts, Jack of Spades, and King of Diamonds an homage to the 'Pack of Cards' from his Academy days. Like his father, uncle, and cousins, Karrde bears a line of finger-wide Devanagari text tattooed on his left arm, his inked in dark green down the inside of his forearm from elbow to wrist.

Karrde's wife, Celia, is one of the 1st Regiment's senior aerospace mechanics, although as of late she's more likely to be seen chasing their young son, Akos, through the halls of the Heart than she is to be caught in the tech bay.

Assigned Battlemech: Ursa URA-AK3 'Callisto'

Astor's Tattoos:

The Gunslinger Tattoo