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Nathaniel Hardison

Height: 5'11"(1.75m)
Weight: 185lbs (83.9kg)
Hair: Black, Shaved
Eyes: Brown
DOB: August 13th, 3093; The Garden, District 5.
Position: Commanding Officer of 4th Regiment, 12th Star Guards.

Assigned Battlemech: Ferret Omnimech, "Mandrill"

Callsign: Sparrow

Average in both size and build, Nathaniel is still a striking blend of humanity. Living in the humid conditions of the Garden, it isn't rare to see the Colonel or all of his troops, wearing comfortable sleeveless shirts and fatigue pants on duty. While he dressed more formally for his meetings in Custos, Hardison has a reserved calm that makes even his more relaxed look have the proper gravity.

Like most of the 4th, Nathaniel shows the same dedication and absolute love for the Guards and the system, and only encouraged that among his subordinates. He is often viewed as a paternal figure to his regiment, even though he has only commanded it for the past two years, and it is a role he has embraced.