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Verity Magnus

Height: 5'7" (1.7M)
Weight: 135 (61kg)
Hair: Ginger Red
Eyes: Brown
DOB: February, 3079; Custos, District 0
Position: Admiral; Commanding Officer of 12th Star Guard Navy, Commanding Officer of the SLS Nemesis.

An older woman, Verity is rarely seen out of her navy jumpsuit or dress uniform, though she does favor function over form due to her long periods of time in space. While she is recently turn 53, Verity still has the hair of her youth, and her time in space seems to have prevented most of the age lines other women of her age have.

Intending to retire by the end of the decade, Verity has been the Admiral of the Star Guard Navy for nearly 13 years, and it one of the driving forces in expanding on the ship designs used by the 12th Star Guards. Even when she was younger, she helped develop the organization system the Guards use now, and her term as Admiral has cemented them perfectly in place. While she is grooming several possible successors, her present project is the building of an advanced piloting program similar to the Gunslinger and Blackheart systems the Army has in place.