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Celia Karrde

Height: 5'6" (1.68m)
Weight: 137lb (62kg)
Hair: Brown    Eyes: Brown
DOB: March 15, 3102; Ciutadella, District 4
Position: Senior Warrant Officer; Aerospace Technician, 1st Regiment; Guardian's Heart
In System Reputation +2

Head of one of the wings of tech crews that oversee the care and maintenance of the aerospace fighters and VTOLs responsible for defense of the Guardian's Heart in Custos, Senior Warrant Officer Celia Karrde can often be found around the Heart, at least during the week.  Effortlessly attractive even in a mechanics' jumpsuit, Celia projects a casual, girl-next-door air, although she usually reserves the ready and welcoming smiles for her husband and young son.