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Felicity Queen

Height: 5'6"(1.67m)
Weight: 125lbs (56.6kg)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
DOB: July 24th, 3105; The Garden, District 5
Position: Captain; Commanding Officer of the Crimson Eagles, Second Battalion, 1st Regiment
Callsign: Scramble

Reputation +3

Looking far younger than she actually is, Felicity relies on dying her hair, her clothes, and a pair of glasses to age her. With the glasses never coming off in public except for when she's piloting her Battlemech, the whole look almost manages to make her look her age. Still, her girlish features are something that often requires her to be a strict officer, though that has started to ease off as experience and command have given her a reputation that rarely has her underestimated anymore. Felicity wears severe colors even in when she's off duty, with black and dark red jackets and turtlenecks with dark jeans. On duty she prefers the duty uniform, but when in the field she tend to wear the standard jumpsuit.

A computer and communication genius, it is fair to say that her persistent nature and the support of Jack Forrest, who selected his officers personally for the skills he knew they could bring to the table, that she is in a Battlemech instead of being stuck in some office in the Intelligence Department sifting through data. Despite no longer being underestimated, she holds herself to a high standard of discipline, a standard she demands from her subordinates. As one of the few Companies made up of mostly Light BattleMechs, speed and accuracy are survival traits. Holding the same ideals of the 4th Regiment, that her Company and unit is her family, she takes the role of the older sister who is left in charge, making sure everyone comes home.

However, as strict as she is, no one can say that Captain Queen is not a fair woman who doesn't give the same respect she demands to every member of the unit, from the lowest Tech to Major Forrest himself.

Image Shown: Felicity Queen in her Combat Cooling Suit.

Assigned Battlemech: Aeolus AES-O1 (FQ)