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Height: 5'3"(1.60m)
Weight: 118lbs (53.5kg)
Hair: Black   Eyes: Blue
DOB: June 21st, 3111; Olympus, District 7
Position: Ensign; On Loan to Strike Squadron, 1st Regiment
Lineage: Line of Kayla Morrigan
Callsign: Frosty

In System Reputation +3

While she is not an intimidating figure at first glance thanks to her relatively short height, Dawn has a lean and strong muscle structure that indicates a hefty investment in the gym. Like all other fighter pilots, this is thanks to the need to maneuver her fighter in high G situations, and it lends her a predatory grace even on the ground. While her hair is normally black, it has recently taken on a lighter tone with highlights thanks to coloring and sun. With the addition of dark blue eyes, Dawn could be considered 'pretty', but her reserved facial expressions make her difficult to approach. On duty, she is seen most often in the dark blue jumpsuit of a Navy Aerospace pilot. Like most Athemas she favors leather clothing when out of uniform, in her case leather pants and racing style jackets over dark tank tops.

The product of House Morrigan's ongoing program to create a new, more successful Aerospace Phenotype, Dawn is one of the most promising of her Sibko and generation. She has been considered one of the finest rookie pilots to join the actual Navy instead of simply being a part of her regimental Aerospace wing. While she originally resented being loaned to the 1st Regiment, she has come to enjoy the position thanks to the multitude of opportunities for combat that she has had. In just her year of deployment, Dawn has racked up more confirmed enemy kills than any other pilot for the past thirty years, and has made Ace twice over. While she does not desire a permanent placement with the Black Dogs, she is content to serve out her tour. As ever, she strives for perfection in her flying, and hopes for an opportunity to trial for her House's name.

Assigned Craft: Solidus II

Symbol of House Morrigan