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Ian Wilson

Height: 6'(1.82m)
Weight: 180lbs (82kg)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
DOB: May 8th, 3106; Valhalla, District 2
Position: Captain; Strike Squadron, 1st Regiment.
Callsign: Hawk

Attractive, Gregarious, In System Reputation +3

While he may be of an average height, Ian Wilson is certainly not in just average shape, his fitness level proof of being a regular in the Heart's training center. While on duty Ian remains in a duty uniform at all times except for when the situation calls for his flight suit, his posture and bearing always what would be considered 'proper'. That isn't to say he isn't capable of relaxing, and he is known to spend a few nights a week down at Warriors with the other pilots of the Heart, usually wearing a T-shirt and jeans with a green racing jacket.

A child of District 2, he initially began his career in the 2nd Regiment, but the quality of his skills and leadership potential led him to being sent as one of the 2nd Regiment's representatives during a tribute cycle, and while he could have transferred back to the Second's Aerospace Wing, his family encouraged him to build his reputation with the 1st, expanding their own in the process.

Recently promoted to Captain, he is in charge of Strike Squadron, with their current assignment having them attached to the 2nd Battalion, and leaving him still at least an honorary member of the Black Dogs. As a pilot his skill is unquestionable, though it is a balanced example of Air to Ground support and aerial combat rather than focusing on one or the other.

Assigned Craft: Solidus II