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Tyril Artio

Height: 8'8"(2.64m)
Weight: 529lbs (240kg)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
DOB: June 21st, 3106; Artio Temple, Olympus, District 7
Position: Sergeant Major, Squad Leader of Charger Squad; 1st Regiment, 3rd Battalion
Lineage: Line of Venitus Artio.

In System Reputation +4

Massive does not even begin to describe the man known as Tyril, who is the largest Elemental to ever be born from the Athemas stock. At 8'8", his quarter ton bulk filling out his body with defined and large musculature, he is the sign that in the Elemental lines the Athemas have definitely caught up to the Clans. His features being as large as they make it difficult to suggest that he is handsome, but it is perhaps equally difficult to say he isn't. Possibly like all Elementals, he is simply alien.

When on duty he is seen in an especially large set of fatigues, and rarely does he wear anything but the enlarged clothes that are done in military cuts and severe styles favored by the Athemas, almost always trimmed, accented, or outright entirely made out of leather. At his side is his ever trusty Blackheart pistol, for no Athemas would stand to make a weapon just decoration. With a meticulously shaved mohawk, Tyril rarely looks anything but composed, even with the scarring that runs along his shoulders and arms.

A member of the Maulers, the 1st Regiment's 3rd Battalion, Tyril and his 'Charger' squad were one of the first Elemental units that have remained with the First, providing the example that made the other five recently make the same commitment. He is often seen in the gym with his old friend Ezekiel Colt, and is well known for his odd sense of humor.

Recently, Tyril won the right to his Housename, and is now known as Tyril Artio.