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James Gray

Height: 6'0"(1.83m)
Weight: 195lbs (88.4kg)
Hair: Brown    Eyes: Brown
DOB: January 1st, 3108; Safeport, District 6
Position: Brevet Lieutenant; The Stingers, First Battalion, 1st Regiment.
Callsign: Cougar
In System Reputation +2

Fast and loose in and out of his 'mech, James 'Call me Cougar' Gray is known as much for his skill at ambush tactics as he is for never chasing a woman a day under forty. Acquiring both preferences early on in his academy years, although not from the exact same instructors, he has honed both to an art form since. Cocky and selfsure, Cougar relies on his fresh-faced farmboy looks and natural charm to get him out of those rare occasions that his ego writes checks his ass can't cash.

Out of uniform, Cougar dresses simply in worn bluejeans, white T-shirts, and occasionally a faded ballcap with a fishhook stuck on the brim. In cold weather, he dons a classic black leather jacket of the style favored by bikers, despite driving an older model Tiaga himself.

Assigned Battlemech: Jaguar "Boots"