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Jackal Squad

Jackal Squad (Chi-27)
Formed on Northwind in response to the loss of the Wolverine Squad Dwarf, Jackal has expanded to the new base six like the rest of Savage Platoon. Led by First Sergeant Logan Andrijeski, they specialize in close support operations, urban assault, and behind enemy line actions. While their primary assigned armor is the Coywolf, Jackal's members are also rated for the Jaguar Assault System.

Assigned Battle Armor: Coywolf Heavy Trooper
An advanced Battle Armor system that uses the best of Clan and Inner Sphere technology, the Coywolf is without a doubt the premier heavy trooper design of the 12th Star Guards. Designed to be a consummate hunter of any other machine on a battlefield, the Coywolf uses a radical modular system to allow the changing of the Coywolf's armament, without the use of a modular weapons mount. While it is not as versatile, and is a far too lengthy process to enable quick swapping of weapons like a modular mount would, it allows the Coywolf to fill a variety of roles while also providing its heavy protection and stealth capabilities.

Sergeant Cecille Benjaminsson
Height: 5'10" (177.8 cm)
Weight: 160 lbs (72.5 kg)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
DOB: December 1, 3110; Valhala, District 2
Specialization: MedTech
Position: Squad Second

In System Reputation +1

If not for the severity in her dress and appearance, Cecille would be considered an attractive woman by the majority of people. Still, sleek brown hair and brown eyes combined with her height and hard earned physique leave her appealing to those who are not intimidated. A regular in the Gym, she pushes herself hard to maintain the weight and muscle structure required to operate the Coywolf Heavy Trooper, but still hold to an easy and graceful style of movement.

On the verge of being considered an introvert, Benjaminsson is more comfortable having time alone with a book than be around strangers on a night out. Her sense of humor can also be disturbing in its morbidity, especially since the events on Terra. This is ironic, given her position as the expert medtech of the squad, where her 'bedside' manner is sardonic at its best. Originally part of Headhunter, she would be transferred alongside her squad lead, 1st Sergeant Andrijeski, when Jackal was first formed on the planet Northwind.

Corporal Mikhail Federov
Height: 6'4" (193cm)
Weight: 238 lbs (108 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
DOB: June 17th, 3111; Visben, District 2
Specialization: Communications

In System Reputation +1

A darkly brooding young man, there is a deep reservoir of rage that lurks behind his eyes, though rarely is it directed to anyone around him. It is a sense of self hatred, the guilt of a survivor of a unit that was shattered in combat. And of course it is for those who did the shattering.

Always tall and broad, Mikhail was picked out by 2nd Regiment recruiters while they scouted the local rugby teams. Strong and fast as a teenager, his time in the NCA and in the 2nd Regiment's training Battalion have only honed this, making him perfectly suited for the popular Mongoose trooper suit.

A member of Headhunter squad when it was transferred into the 1st Regiment, he was in near awe and fiercely loyal to his squad leader, Helene Vuorela-Bjorn. The loss of the rest of Headhunter during the Battle of Belgorod Steppes brought him into Jackal Squad, where he has applied himself with laser focus, becoming proficient enough in Comm work to take up that role for the squad.

Corporal Johnny Ambrose
Height: 6'4" (193cm)
Weight: 225 lbs (102 kg)
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Light Blue
DOB: May 3rd, 3109; Petra, Alci
Specialization: Stealth and Anti-Mech Operations.

If there was ever a man that represented the stereotypes of those who come from the underground communities of Alci, this is him, as if he went out his way to play the role. It comes through in his accented speech, though he rarely speaks, and his dress on the rare occasions he isn't wearing the near constant set of issued fatigues. He is a rough man in general, who is already looking a decade older than he really is, with long and stringy hair that is already starting to thin.

Considering all that, it boggles one's mind in how such a man has such a shockingly attractive girlfriend.

A member of the 1st Regiment's Mongoose corps, his transfer into Jackal was made in 3134 due to his skill set and certifications in the Coywolf armor system. One of the few who is rated an expert in stealth systems, Ambrose has also attended and passed Anti-Mech Infantry School, making him dangerous to the kings of the battlefield even out of his armor.

PFC. Michael 'Mikey' Cutler
Height: 6'2" (188 cm)
Weight: 224 lbs (102 kg)
Hair Color:  Blonde
Eye Color: Green
DOB: June 21, 3114; Custos, District 0
Specialization: TBD


Young, with a fresh face that has not been tried yet, Mikey Cutler is practically a recruiting officer's dream. While big, there is little body fat on him, a legacy of the constant effort he has put into turning his body into the best possible base for a Battle Armor Operator as he could. Whatever the situation though, sarcasm is a near compulsion, something he genuinely can't help, but something that has equally gotten him in over his head more time than he can count. Mikey can count quite high. A Custos native, he is part of a new generation that look to the 1st Regiment as theirs, and are eager to prove that it will be the equal of any of the others.

Big, broad, and athletic, Cutler was one of many future Battle Armor Troopers who were discovered on the athletic fields of Haddings. Quick witted, he quickly picks up skills that take others twice as much time, but he also has a habit of becoming bored of something before truly mastering it. It was this skill in picking up the Coywolf when it was first introduced to NCA that secured him a position in Jackal in fact. He blends in well in any social setting though, and has at least a passing familiarity with electronic security systems.

PFC. Lyn Rochev
Height: 5'8" (171 cm)
Weight: 140 lbs (63.5 kg)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
DOB: July 14th, 3114; Dresden, District 8
Specialization: Small Arms, Weaponry Modification.

Naturally a slender woman, for Lyn Rochev it is a constant struggle to maintain even the minimum requirements for a BA Operator. In her time at NCA, she was forced to put twice the time in the gym to keep her muscle weight on, and her food intake is near legendary considering her size. There is barely an ounce of fat on her frame, and thanks to her compact muscle structure, she looks like she could be ten or fifteen pounds lighter. This leaves her looking dark and lithe, and though no doubt what most would call pretty, there is an intimidating look in her dark eyes. Her youth still shows, but her skin and face are those of someone who will look as if she will not age for years on end.

A Haddrite, descended from the original inhabitants of Haddings that were saved by 12th Star Guards, Lyn has that heavily accented English that sound similar to an Eastern European accent that they are known for. Early in her NCA career technology could baffle her, and many civilian applications of it that people take for granted still do, but despite what some may think because of that she is far from stupid.

Despite her struggles with her body and technology, Lyn is a natural in the Coywolf, almost instinctively understanding its systems. This is why she was selected to become part of Jackal, instead of being sent to the 5th Regiment where she would have less opportunity to flourish against the Elementals who are the preferred Operators for the suit. She also has a shockingly good grasp on small arms and weapon modification, easily acing the conventional weaponry courses. She is rated with more conventional and support weaponry than anyone else in Jackal.