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Kol Durrant

Height: 177.8 cm (5'10")
Weight: 72.5 kg (160 lbs)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
DOB: March 15th, 3116; Olympus, District 7
Position: Corporal; 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion
Callsign: Cobalt

Appearance: Kol has black hair that is thick and rough, with the tendency to stick up in whatever direction it pleases, and dark chocolate eyes that convey a great sense of warmth. He has blessedly clear and smooth skin that stretches over fine cheekbones that have started to show a hint of the more angular features he inherited from his mother. Still at 18, Kol has an awkward, coltish, appearance that lends towards being handsome in a comely way in a few years once he grows into himself.

While his duty uniforms are exact to regulation, by touch it is obvious that they are made of the finest fabrics available on Haddings, with a full set that are always freshly laundered so none are worn for more than a single day between cleanings. His civilian clothing is a mix of ready outfits that don't make him stand out, but are entirely of top designer labels, and half a dozen sets of high quality suits and robes that belong among the upper crust of Haddings society. An expensive timepiece on his wrist also indicates the wealth of his family, while it is still practical thanks to its rugged construction. A silver medallion hangs from a chain around his throat, and a 1ct diamond and platinum stud lives in his left ear's piercing.

When in his cooling suit and for official duties, he wears a black thigh holster that contains a burnished steel laser pistol with a matte black handle. The pistol, something that is more common among the 5th Regiment, is heavily modified with a scope on top that goes down near the whole length of the emitter. The belt buckle that holds it together is a large disk, silver and blue, displaying a sword and set of wings. A vibrosword with a blue hard carbon sheath makes up the last of his equipment, only being carried when he enters the cockpit.

Like the other former members of Tau-Red, he owns a Kariban Mamba CB-175z, which is his primary ride.

Personality: Constantly aware of his position as Jacen Durrant's son, and the legacy his family has on Haddings, Kol has striven for his mild mannered temperament nearly his whole life. Anger, sadness, or even extreme excitement are rarely seen on his features, his control of his visible emotions impressive for someone his age. There are of course buttons, but few are willing to press them given how the Kol makes an effort to be as friendly as possible.

While he enjoys the privilege his birth has provided him with, he equally understands the responsibility. While serving as a Mechwarrior is not his preferred path in life, he shouldered his duty without voicing any complaint, although he would have enjoyed Aerospace, JAG, or even working his way up through Kariban more. That does not mean he doesn't put forth his full effort. He is a Mechwarrior now, and he'll be the best he can be.