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Katherine Jarlson

Ht: 180 cm (5'10 7/8")
Wt: 70 kg (154.3 lb)
Hair: Brown, dyed blond
Eyes: Brown
DOB: June 16, 3116 (age 18)
Position: Corporal; 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 5th Company (The Ebon Hounds), 3rd Lance (Thorn)
Callsign: Sphinx


Katherine Jarlson cuts a figure that's difficult to miss. Standing 1.8m, she is taller than quite a few of her fellow students at First Sword with a build that speaks to her secondary education at Winson Military Institute. She is certainly no Athemas, nor would she ever claim to be their physical equal (she doesn't have a death wish after all), but her presence is difficult to ignore. As though life weren't already unfair enough to the average person, Kate was blessed with remarkable good looks from an early age. Her twin brother Josef is much the same, having some difficulty managing his studies due to the "attention" he receives from numerous other cadets curious about the thread count of his bed sheets.

While her family history had the potential to gift a negative reputation for the young woman, Kate has successfully managed to avoid relying on it and getting by academically purely on her own talents. There's no question that her grandfather is a famous, retired Major who likes to hang out with Haddings' Representative to the RotS at Founders' Day Barbecues, or that she has a long list of cousins who serve with the Star Guards (including a Gunslinger), but Kate prefers an approach more in line with that of her mother: carving her own path. Did she have an advantaged youth? That goes without saying. All the same, academic excellence takes no end of work and those hours are ones that she puts in without fail.

It might anger some that Kate was able to finish first in her class at Winson, in spite of being a regular guest at most of the best parties every weekend, but she's not someone who sees herself as existing in the world to please others. She's a woman with a goal and a plan for getting there. Some people say that hard work is its own reward. That's true, to an extent, but Kate would add that decent breaks to relax afterward really help.

She smiles less than some might expect, but largely because she prefers a genuine expression rather than something forced because it is expected. She dyes her hair blond, not for any particular fashion reason, but because she prefers it that way. Being the last (even if only by a matter of moments) of four children and the 'youngest' of two pairs of twins, there has been a great deal of past inspiration driving Kate to distinguish herself from her siblings. She certainly loves all three of them (yes, even JoJo), but that is not going to stop her from wanting to be the best of them.

Kate's hair is kept at about bottom-of-the-shoulder-blade length. When dressing in civilian clothes, she picks outfits from an extensive and expensive wardrobe and has a worthy collection of shoes and accessories. Many people, on meeting her for the first time, make the mistake of assuming she is cliquish or mean. Between the nice clothing, less-frequent smiles, and her long, aggressive stride when walking, they can be forgiven for the error. She's not afraid to lend a shirt or pants to a classmate. Nor is she too busy and caught up with herself to help someone out with an assignment.

It takes no small amount of work to maintain both a party girl persona and that of a fine student, but those two facets receive the bulk of Kate's time and energy. The work pays off, as she has managed to continue her Winson practice of hitting the books every weeknight and partying on the weekends. Sometimes it seems like a switch is flipped and she simply becomes a different person come Friday night.

And, for the record, only JoJo is allowed to call her 'Kitty'. Anyone else who does so risks death by evil glare and threat of incredible violence.

Theme songs:
"Petrified" by Fort Minor on The Rising Tied
"Rosenrot" by Rammstein on Rosenrot

Assigned BattleMech: Fafnir FNR-5C