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Height: 190.5 cm (6'3")
Weight: 102.06 (225 lbs)
Hair: Blonde     Eyes: Blue
DOB: June 21st, 3116; Olympus, District 7
Position: Corporal; Service Deferred for Religious Training
Lineage: Line of Vander Griffin


Like his sibkin, and his genemother's sibkin, and so on up his line prestigious line to the first genechild of the Griffin founder Vittoria, Khas is much larger than even than those of the Artio lines. This is due, to all who know of the tale, to the crossing of her and the founder Arran, the Elemental. This crossing has produced great warriors, such as Zedai Griffin and the already legendary Alaina Griffin, while his own genemother was no slouch himself.

Blonde hair and blue eyes compliment his musculature, but to call him attractive is not an accurate descriptor. While some might find it as such, there is some of that inhuman aspect of Elemental lines still within his features, which only adds to his strange nature and the way he will stare off or past a person.

Like his Trothkin, he has tattooed the symbol of his House, the great Griffin, on his left pectoral in a dark green ink. Additionally, along both biceps are bands of script in ancient Greek. If asked, he will happily state they are prayers to Athena and Ares to bless himself and those around him with strategic wisdom and strength of arms.

Reputation: Known class wide for his personable, yet frank nature. Also popular for not looking down on naturalborns and lending a helping hand when possible. Will often bring his religion into a conversation if applicable.