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Height: 5'6" (173 cm)
Weight: 150 lbs (69kg)
Hair: Dark Brown      Eyes: Brown
DOB: June 21st, 3116; Olympus, District 7
Position: Corporal; Strike Squadron, 1st Regiment
Lineage: Line of Vincent Morrigan
Callsign: Lyric


Bryon missed the memo that he was too short to be truly considered attractive. Considering himself a ladies' - and gentlemen's - man about town, he has perfected the art of being a social butterfly in a way that makes up for all of his unacknowledged physical shortcomings. Built like a gymnast, with broad shoulders and defined muscles that speak of hours spent in the gym, Byron moves with an easy grace that outs him immediately as one of the Athemas aerospace pilots.

A blood-red version of the Morrigan raven is inked on his chest, mainly because he couldn't convince his trothkin to allow him to choose a less painful spot, and two small lines of black script reading 'cloudless climes + starry skies' decorate the inside of his left wrist.