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Lucius Cuu

Height: 1.78m
Weight: 80kg
Hair: Black, shaved sides
Eyes: Green
DOB: 8/15/3116
Birthplace: Ibaraki, District 5

Lucius is a compact wiry young man, his green eyes always flitting around seems to constantly be expecting something bad is about to happen. His back is always against a wall and those who have spent time with him know there is always a knife concealed on his person.

There are tattoo's on his neck that look almost like Japanese script but are purely decorative. His face almost always has a little stubble on the cheeks and jaw, his skin is tanned and for those who  see him with his shirt off he has a half completed green and gold snake tattoo curling up his spine and a set of scars, a large bite mark on his left lower abdomen and a claw mark on his right pectoral.

Originally he had thought he was going into the Snake Eaters and had started to get an appropriate tattoo, but he'd done well beyond his imaginings and there was rumors he might end up in a regiment other than the 4th and he's not sure what to do with the tattoo now. A tattoo adorns his right bicep, it reads a single word 'VIVΣKΛ'. A new tattoo adorns his chest, on his right pectoral, a shark and a sun, the black nose just next to the nipple and the tail ending at the curve of his shoulder all done in black and gold.

He also carries, when he's allowed to, one of the katana's of his school. An elaborate blade carried by one of his uncles before him, rumor has it the one who gave him the scholarship to FMSC, he treasures it more than any of the other bits and pieces his family had given him to make sure he was well equipped for school.

Recently Lucius has retired his uncles blade in favor of one that was given to him as a graduation gift a handcrafted Katana. While it certainly could be considered ceremonial given its embellishments, it still is a deadly weapon, of a quality that leaves it with few peers outside of more modern weapons.

Since arriving in the 1st he has added a survival knife that sits horizontal on the back of his belt with the handle set for a right handed draw and a holster with his side arm under his left arm. For now it contains the standard issue autopistol.

tattoo on right pectoral

Assigned Battlemech: Crusader CRD-9S

Near the cockpit entrance of Lucius Crusader, painted about the size of his hand is a Templars Cross with a crosshairs imposed over it, the Bullseye symbol Lucius had drawn for him. Drawn from the history of the name for his mech. Next to it is the words in red 'De Payens' because Lucius loves to bring De Payen!