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Isoya Junichiro

Height: 5'-8" (1.72m)
Weight: 143 lbs (65kg)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
DOB: October 27th, 3116; Alci
Position: Cadet, First Sword Military College

Isoya is somewhat short compared to most teens his age. Standing only 5'8" and weighing 143 lbs Isoya has a wiry athletic build.

Isoya is more or less the quiet sort and spends a lot of time after classes either studying, in the gym or logging some time in the simulator. When first met most people find him to be a little cold and stand offish but once they know him he is actually a very social person, willing to help where he can or just hang out and talk.

Assigned Battlemech: Crusader CRD-9S