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Bradley Fields

Height: 6'1" (1.85m)
Weight: 240lbs (108.8kg)
Hair: Brown      Eyes: Blue
DOB: December 2, 3102; Custos, District 0
Position: First Sergeant; Marauder Squad Lead


The rumor mill states that Marauder isn't Bradley Fields' first squad, that he had another one five or six years ago. Scuttlebutt says that he lost the first one for putting his Captain at the time into MedBay for an extended period, and wound up in the brig minus a few ranks and scheduled for a permanent vacation himself. Sometimes, those peddling in gossip remember to include the very pertinent detail about why that happened. Most of the time, they don't. What they do tend to remember is that Jack Forrest, when he needed replacement battlearmor on Northwind, requested Bradley Fields directly.

After the battle on the Steppes of Belgorod that decimated the majority of the Black Dogs' battlearmor forces, they were forced to rebuild and the decision was made to put Fields in charge of his own squad once more. The men that fill out Marauder were, like their leader, hand-picked and recruited by Fields and Firefly using the oh-so-precise directive 'Find me some killers'.

Bradley Fields is devilishly charming and possesses a wicked sense of humor, and a shockingly sharp - if questionably legal - business acumen. A known associate of James Sheridan and Logan Andrijeski, the three men are quite enterprising, and can procure almost anything anyone could possibly want...for a price.