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Ira Wade

Height: 6'0" (1.83m)
Weight: 220lbs (100kg)
Hair: Dark Brown     Eyes: Blue
DOB: September 18, 3105; New Rome, District 7
Position: First Sergeant; Viper Squad Lead - Savage Platoon, 2nd Battalion

One of the original members of Firefly Squad, First Sergeant Ira Wade volunteered to stay behind when they were transferred to the 1st Regiment in 3132 - an unfortunate requirement forced by moving to a unit that would not accept battlearmor squads arranged in a factor of five. Citing not uprooting his wife, 1st Sergeant Tiya Laghari, and their two boys as the reason to remain, Wade was subsequently given command of his own Kestrel squad in the Star Cats.

With Major Forrest obtaining permission for the formation of Savage Platoon within his 2nd Battalion, Wade and his squad - Viper - are once again under the command of Lyka Stone. Requested personally by her, all five of them (this time) have recently transferred to the 1st Regiment and upgraded to the Kestrel Mk.IV. Relocation of his family to Custos turned out to be a simple thing after all, with his wife finding a place in Major Forrest's own company, riding herd on their rookies.

Assigned Battle Armor: Kestrel Mk.IV, in Reaper Autocannon Configuration