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Carolina Gannik-Durrant

Name: Carolina (Cah-row-lee-nah) aka. Lina (Lee-nah) Gannik-Durrant
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Blue
Date of Birth: 1 April, 3116 / Valhalla, District 2
Rank: Private First Class
Position: 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion (The Black Dogs), 5th Company (Ebon Hounds), 3rd Lance (Thorn)
Callsign: Scribe

Description: She is of moderate height (5'5") and has a moderately athletic build (120lbs) as she is still shedding some of her youth. She has a heart shaped face framed by shoulder length light brown hair that she has been known to color, both darker and lighter. She has blue eyes that are a nice contrast to her hair and blend well with her rather fair complexion. She has a broad smile with straight white teeth and generally wide-set features that are still very feminine and attractive to most. She tends to wear comfortable and practical clothes when not in uniform, clearly less concerned with fashion.

Personality: Self-confident, perhaps overly so, and friendly. Some of that confidence has taken a hit, and her time at First Sword has been an eye-opener. She is still working through the changes that the demands of the school have forced on her. Family is very important to her. The loss of a family member was sobering, as was watching her standings tank early on. It says something to her character in how hard she worked to get back up to where she finally finished, but she also seems to have excuses for many of her failures. To be fair, she seems to have a fair bit of bad luck that surrounds her.

The youngest of the Vuorela/Gannik/Durrant line. She is the first in this line since her grandmother to be a Mech Pilot with most being pilots and technicians. She has strong family connections that were probably no small part in her assignment to FSMC, but she was clearly up to the task.

She was probably a bit too reliant on her natural talent that had previously set her apart from her peers. Once thrown into a select group of cadets, however, she took longer than she should have to understand she would have to work harder to stand out.

Unfortunately for her, by the time she got her act together, she was fighting an uphill battle for a place at the top of the class. It did not help that, according to her, she seemed to be hamstrung in several of the team events being teamed with more of the 'weaker' students.

It's a sore spot with her...both not working to her full potential and the perceived sidelining. Especially with the recent loss of an extended family member in battle, it made her efforts and actions (or lack thereof) seem that much more petty.

She is a cousin to Josef and Katherine Jarlson, as well as Kol Durrant. She is also a cousin by adoption to Alyssa Magnus. She is a cousin to Garrison Mattlov, as well, although a bit more distantly.

Room (W-25)...after her purchases and furniture shifting:

Assigned Battlemech: Emperor EMP-6A-C