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Alyssa Magnus

Height: 5ft9
Weight: 119lbs
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
DOB: 18.01.3116, District Donegal (Donegal IV).
Position: PFC, 1st Regiment, 2nd Batallion, 5th Company - Ebon Hounds
Callsign: 'Lyran'

Assigned Mech: Devastator DVS-2c

Favourite Pasttime: Motorcycle Racing


Themes: "Don't stop me now!" Queen, "No roots" Alice Merton

Description: Alyssa stands 5ft9" tall and is of light build, probably due to
having spent most of her childhood in space. The low gravity in her childhood
my also be the reason why she never was very strong. She wears her hair long
and wavy, framing her face with auburn tresses, while her gentle eyes always
seek eye-contact with the person vis-a-vis.

Being Verity Magnus' (adoptive) daughter has its advantages, mainly money and influence.
The former is reflected in her style of dress when out of uniform.
Alyssa typically dresses stylishly, while not in a fashion victim sense she
feels she has to represent her adoptive family to the best of her ability,
including her appearance and thus her wardrobe.

Assigned BattleMech: Devastator DVS-2c