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Sven Jorgensen

Height: 1.80 cm
Weight: 75kg
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Silver
DOB: March 15, 3116; Valhalla, District 2
Position: PFC.; 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion
Callsign: Frenzy

Long and lanky Sven is descendant from the Rasalhague and it shows, his blonde hair is pale and golden, his skin pale and he even speaks a little Swedish but his links to the Magistracy of Canopis is also clear, his eyes are a very unnatural silver, looking like molten metal instead of a normal iris.

His pale skin is mostly unmarred, other than scars from the repeated fights he finds himself in and a small tattoo of a Cat Girl on the inside of his left wrist. His knuckles have scars from repeated fist fights when he was young and he was often seen slouching around in lessons at FMSC. He wears a pair of runic earrings and has similar runes tattooed in the webbing between his thumb and forefinger on each hand.

Since graduation there seems to be some what of a change, a steel in his spine and a look of determination that is very often only seen when yelling at his mother on the phone, which he does a lot. Something has shifted and the drive with which he now approaches life is apparent in his manner, the lackadaisical child left behind and the man who could be coming to the fore.