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Height: 5'6" (1.67m)
Weight: 135lbs (61kg)
Hair: Blonde     Eyes: Green
DOB: June 21, 3096; Olympus, District 7
Position: 1st Lieutenant; 7th Company, 1st Regiment (Blue Sharks)
Lineage: Agrios Griffin
Callsign: Neon

In-System Reputation +3

A transfer from the 5th Regiment's Night Owls, 1st Lieutenant Rashida of House Griffin is a hardened veteran of four tours of duty, no-nonsense, tough as nails, and old enough to be the mother of most of her new unit - although she possesses absolutely no motherly tendencies. Having spent more years in a 'mech than 85% of her battalion's members have been alive, it is hard to earn her respect, and even harder to impress her. That she is in the Black Dogs at the express invitation of Major Forrest says he has managed both milestones.

Her figure is neither explicitly boyish nor curvaceous, but somewhere inbetween, obviously feminine yet strong and toned in a way that makes it clear she views her body as an extension of the other weapons at her disposal. If left down, her hair would reach just below her shoulders, but for sheer ease it is almost always pulled back into a low bun instead. The hair behind each of her ears is plaited into narrow braids, five on each side, each adorned with small charms of gold woven in near the ends, sometimes visible depending on the neatness of her bun. Like many of the Athemas, Rashida has amassed a small collection of tattoos over the years, starting with the neon green gryphon's head on the back of her neck. Working down from there along her spine she has the insignia of every company she has been a member of to date, including the 5th Regiment's command company, the Shadow Hawks.