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Garrison Mattlov

Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Weight: 190 lbs (86.2 kg)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
DOB: October 12th, 3113; Sebring Orange Grove, District 4
Position: Corporal; 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion
Callsign: Centerfold

Attractive, Gregarious, Reputation +1

There's a saying when it comes to Garrison, 'No fucks given'. He has a tendency to say what he thinks and how he feels, and is generally known to have no real filter when it comes to voicing his thoughts.

Garrison is the youngest of Justine Mattlov and Frederick's four children. He likes to joke that they saved the best for last. Growing up on his family's citrus farm he learned to appreciate the simple things in life, the outdoors and just being himself. Quick to make friends with the children of the neighboring familes and his fellow Youth Rangers, as he grew older it wasn't unusual for him and his buddies to take off after class and roam all day long, over the grove and the nearby beaches, sometimes on dirt bikes. This early exposure cultivated what would become a serious affinity for motocross racing, and going hiking and climbing any time he has the chance and interesting terrain to explore, as long as he has someone to go with...and he always has someone to go with. A real people magnet, it's exceptionally rare to spot him not in the company of a friend or two.

Garrison coasted through First Sword Military College, never taking his classes as seriously as he should have, riding on a wave of popularity and natural skill to manage to do just well enough to keep passing. Barely. It took a visit from his elder brother, after finding out Garrison had been assigned not to one of the Regiments, but to Homeguard, to quite literally beat some sense into him. Unfortunately, at that point it was too late to salvage his first tour assignment.

Having disappointed his family by being relegated to the District 3 Homeguard was just what Garrison needed to regain some focus. Once there, he settled down and began to really gain some traction as a skilled mechwarrior and a member of the unit. In addition to spending as much time as possible doing the outdoorsy things he loved, he also adopted a new role of teacher, instructing some of his fellow Homeguard members in Lov Kun Do.

The Regiments always need spare mechwarriors, replacements in the case of mid-year injury or retirement. Garrison's renewed focus on taking his job seriously inspired his older brother, Gunslinger Victor Mattlov, to pull a few strings that got his baby brother placed on the 1st Regiment's alternate list, a move that required Garrison to change Homeguard units so that he was based in Custos. That Victor's best friends happened to be the three people in charge of creating that alternate list just made it easier to push through. While not first on the list, Garrison was high enough up that circumstances have resulted in him spending barely a month in service with the District 0 Homeguard before being recently transferred to the active line unit.

Although he's only recently moved into the 1st Regiment's housing, Garrison has already made himself at home. Never in his room, he can usually be found either in the gym, or crashed out on one of the common room sofas.

Assigned BattleMech: Clan Vulture (Mad Dog)