Prince Dugal MacIaeulleach
A medium-tall individual, riding a charger that would make any knight proud, there is in his bearing an unconscious poise, bordering on arrogance, that indicates his noble birth almost as well as his expensive armour and the barding upon his mount do.

His ice-blue eyes seem to bore into one like awls into wood, and he is richly caparisoned, though it is somewhat worn with travel and faded from sun. A shield with a snarling lion's head in red upon its face rests upon his back, and a simple cloth band encircles his head, visible when his head is freed from the confines of his helm.

He is strikingly handsome, and while obviously not the strongest of individuals, his charm more than makes up for it in most cases. A notably pious individual, he is driven by some inner spark to become more than a prince, but less than one at the same time.