Mr. Ogata
Full Name: Ogata Mako
Origin: Shintakara, Japan
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black (Short and Straight)
Skin: Pale
Age: 28
Height: 5 10
Weight: 164 lbs.
Activities: History Teacher at Shintakara High, Faculty Advisor for the Paranormal Activities Club
Quote: "History isn't something people read about, it's something they lived!"
Relationships: Not much is known about Mr. Ogata outside of school. Rumor has it, he has a girlfriend, but no one's actually seen her or knows who she is. He is also known to be a member of the Shintakara Association of Shrine Keeper and has some connections at the university.

Description: Mr. Ogata or Mr. O as many of the students refer to him, appears to be a handsome, bespectacled young man. His clean shaven features and boyish grin make him seem younger then he is. To compensate, Mr. Ogata typically dresses conservatively at school in suits, ties, collared shirts and dress shoes. More then a few girls at the school have a crush on him, which Mr. Ogata either doesn't notice or is willfully ignorant of. He tends to be fairly animated when he talks either pacing or gesturing. Most of the time he's fairly informal with his students, unless an administrator or faculty member is watching or he's talking to a parent, then he's careful to appear all business.

Mr. Ogata is one of the younger faculty members at the school. He only started teaching full time last year, but he has quickly grown to become one of the most popular teachers. He has an enthusiastic, outgoing personality and encourages the same sort of behavior in his students. Lessons with Mr. Ogata tend to go quickly as he likes to lecture with lots of visual aids and theatrics. His eccentricities have earned him scrutiny from other faculty members, but he seems to know how to keep himself out of trouble.

Mr. Ogata started the Paranormal Activites Club last year as a replacement for the now defunct Cultural Appreciation Club. The rest of the faculty was skeptical about backing a club with such a fanciful purpose, but Mr. Ogata insists that it does everything the old Cultural Appreciation Club did, only in a much more interesting fashion. As he points out, it also gets his students to be excited about learning history. And so far at least, it's proven to be a popular alternative among the students to the more typical clubs.