Arness Berlin
Hair: Blonde (2 inches long on the top, an inch on the sides)
Skin: Rosey Pale
Age: 16
Height: 6 1
Weight: 170-190 lbs. (Depending on match scheduling and weight cutting)

Activities: Boxing, Shintakara Paranormal Club, Shintakara Soccer Team (Goalie), Shintakara Track Team (Distance Runner)

Quote: "How's the air up here? I could pick you up if you really want to find out."

Relationships: Arness Masao and Kotone (Twin Kid Siblings Boy and Girl respectively), Arness Hana (Mother, formerly Konda Hana), Arness Bernie (Paternal Grandfather), Arness Bernhard (Deceased Father), Miyata Hikaru (Boxing Coach and family friend)

Description: Even at a first glance it's easy to tell that Berlin isn't a normal Shintakaran. Her radiant, near platinum, blonde hair, and bright azure-blue eyes, and massive size, especially for someone her age makes her a sight to behold. She stands more than a couple inches above 6 feet tall, and could easily weigh nearly 200 lbs. The leanness of her body leaves little room for a typical feminine form, but she has a fully developed chest, though it's rarely seen under her commonly loose clothing. Her facial features are surprisingly feminine with full red lips and almond shaped eyes but otherwise she is very boyish. Despite her tendency to come off as a rugged tomboy, she could easily pass for a mature woman much older than she truly is. She almost always dresses in the male school uniform, choosing a pair of comfortably fit dark green slacks, matching blazer, with a white shirt underneath.