Shizuka Kaneko
Full Name: Izegawa Kaneko
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black (Worn Long)
Skin: Pale
Age: 16
Height: 5 4
Weight: 104 lbs.
Activities: Fantasy Writer, Sketch Artist, Archery, Reading, Exploring Shintakara
Quote: "Oh, it's nothing. Just a few ideas I wanted to write down..."
Relationships: Toshio's twin sister
Description: Kaneko appears to be a young teenage girl with shoulder length black hair, that she typically keeps pulled away from her face with a red hairband. In school, she typically wears a white blouse, green vest with a sparrow on the right breast, dark green skirt and white tennis shoes. The only deviation from the school standard are the colorful socks she wears. These are usually colorful with fruit or vegetables printed on them. Her favorite pair are yellow with red chili peppers.

Outside of class, Kaneko typically dresses in blouses, skirts and a long denim jacket that falls to mid-thigh. The jacket is worn and has been repeatedly patched with colorful pieces of fabric. She also sports a white sun hat, with a large sunflower on it and often carries vintage, brown leather satchel with metal clasps that she keeps a number of useful things with, including a sketchbook/journal, binoculars, compass, a map and a digital camera that she uses when exploring.

Kaneko has a quiet personality, she spends most of her time at school either attentively listening to her lessons or writing on her iPad. Outside of class, she likes to explore Shintakara going to various temples and shrines, documenting the things she sees with photos. She's turned this into a blog, that she updates during the week, but it's not something she shows off so much as something she does to occupy her time. This year she recently announced that she joined the archery club, despite having shown no interest in it before. She claims she wants to expand her horizons, though she confesses she's still a fairly poor shot.