Okami Tara
Full Name: Okami Tara
Origin: Shintakara, Japan
Eyes: Golden-Brown
Hair: Wavy Black (Worn Short)
Skin: Dark
Age: 16
Height: 5 6
Weight: 124 lbs.
Relationships: Okami Joji (Elder Brother), Arness Berlin (Adopted Sister), Takamura (Trainer)
Description: Tara appears to be an athletic young woman with short, wavy dark hair, golden eyes and a dark complexion. Tara is in extremely good physical condition thanks to her regular training sessions with Berlin at the Golden Bear Boxing Gym. She is a skilled boxer and capable martial artist and has a lean, but muscular build. She is a descendant of the Okamiyahe, the aboriginal residents of Shintakara. However, aside from occasionally speaking in the Okamiyahe language she doesn't associate herself much with her ethnicity.

Tara has a quiet, but intense personality. She doesn't make friends or trust people very easily, but she is extremely loyal to those that she is close to especially her brother Joji and her best friend/adopted sister Berlin. When she is not at school or training, Tara enjoys reading manga and adores dogs of all sorts.

At school Tara wears a skirt, blouse and blazer like all of the other girls. She also wears a pair of glasses that help her read. Outside of school, Tara prefers to not wear her glasses and avoids skirts, typically favoring jeans, boots and dark t-shirts.