Raissa Gilley
A tall, almost gaunt woman, Raissa Gilley is a somber, laconic priestess despite her relatively young age. Her dark, reddish-brown hair sweeps her shoulders, just barely short enough not to snag in her armor. Indoors, her hazel eyes appear brown, but outside in the light, they lighten to a pale green. Rare smiles transform her into a pretty young woman, which raises the idea that perhaps some grim event in her past continues to haunt her present, to leave her so solemn.

Given her well-worn, but well-maintained scale armor, and the shield that prominently displays the eyes and stars of Selune, there's little question she can use the mace she carries -- the head of which appears to be a three-quarters full moon. The condition of the rest of her gear is equally well-used, utilitarian, and meticulously attended. It's clear she's accustomed to spending her days traveling and spares little attention to frivolities.