Name: Sahara

Gender: Female

Race: Half-Beast (Gorilla)

Age: 27

Physical Description: She has long, dark red hair and emerald green eyes. Her tall body is covered in a thick brown fur coat which tightly covers her body like clothes. Her fur coat opens up like a deep v-neck shirt, the point starting just under her sternum, to reveal her tanned skin. Her hands and feet are also fur free. The coat puffs out a bit at the shoulders and gradually puffs out from her mid fore-arms to her wrists, and from her calves to her ankles. She wears dark brown leather shoes and wears steel armor over her chest, hips, and thighs. She wields a double sided battle axe as her main weapon but also carries a short sword on her hip as a back up.

Powers/Abilities: She's a highly skilled warrior with incredible strength and stamina. A fierce and determined opponent, she won't give up easily and would never go down without a fight.

Personality: She's quick to anger but experience on the battlefield has taught her to keep calm. She is the type to demand respect without undermining any superiors, and she views the quickest way to gain respect is through a show of power. She values brute strength over anything else but she respects all forms of combat and hardly ever speaks badly of her comrades.

Backstory: She was raised as a warrior and grew up in a small village of half-beasts. She has great strength, rivaling that of the strongest male half-beasts. She is unable to use any magic since it was not taught in her village and she usually relies on brute strength in battle. When she turned 19, she left her village to see the world and earn experience. She had a short military career and after she left she joined a few guilds but none really kept her interest until her current, the Crusaders of Midas. It originally started as a treasure hunting guild, but it soon became an adventuring guild and then changed again into a monster hunter guild. Some of the members just want to get stronger, prove their worth, then leave. But a majority stay for the long haul, training the new members to make sure they keep the honor of the guild.

Strengths: Strong-willed, fierce, an experienced warrior, has amazing strength.

Weaknesses: Quick to anger, impatient, not much experience fighting against magic, can't use magic.