Name: Zayden

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 25

Physical Description: He has medium length dark brown hair which is usually hidden under his tanned hat (think final fantasy black mage). He has dark blue eyes and a slight tan. He has a burn scar on the back of his left hand that climbs halfway up his fore-arm. He wears a black cloak over a long sleeve dark blue shirt, leather vest, and gray pants. He wears leather boots and leather gloves and wields an intricate yew staff with an iron crescent top and a sapphire that appears to be floating between the two points of the crescent. He also carries a large messenger bag and has a belt around his waist which carries countless pouches of various sizes.

Powers/Abilities: He's a learned mage with a large array of spells at his disposal, varying from your generic fireball, chain lightning, etc. to more specified magical arts like forming a fire vortex or freezing a lake solid.

Personality: He's a very bright student but a little air-headed. He still acts like a child sometimes but he knows when to get serious when it counts. While he tries to be respectful in all aspects, sometimes his words can be faster than his mind. He isn't partial to combat but he doesn't shy away from it either.

Backstory: He grew up in a large city and became obsessed with magic at a young age. He soon found he had a knack for magic and enrolled in a local school. After graduating, he became a wanderer, helping who he could when he could. Now he decided to settle down and join a local monster hunter guild, still shadowing a senior member.

Strengths: Very versatile in a fight, friendly, kind of a smooth talker.

Weaknesses: Not so experienced in using his magical arts for combat, can't cast many high-level spells consecutively, sometimes talks too much.