Name:Xolotl (sho lo tull)


Race:Lightning Genasi


Physical Description: lightning genasi are the most human-like of the genasi, differentiated only by their silver blue eyes and quickly whitening hair, which seems to have a slight glow to it followed by an electrical current running through it every now and then. Hes got tan skin, about 5'11", on the built side.His hair is windswept and spikes from the back of his head and "spikey" bangs hanging just above his eyes. Has a dark blue, single long sleeve (on the left arm), turtle neck style shirt and a glowing blue (think tron blue) tribal style tattoo covering his upper arm.A pearlescent black/silver breast plate strapped to his body covering the left of his chest.Pearlescent black/silver spaulder on his right shoulder and a upward curved pauldron on his right.Black leather vambrace covering most of his forearm.Gray belt with a triangular design buckle that holds his (rear) black leather fauld that goes down to the back of his knees.Dark blue pants slightly baggy with black boots and pearlescent black/silver greaves.Wields a longsword.

Powers/Abilities: Can generate/shoot lightning from his body, and use his power to give his weapon/armor electrical properties.

Backstory:Every person, whether real or fictional, is defined by his or her past. A warrior who has faced countless enemies may find his resolve hardened or his nerve broken. In Xolotl's case? His love for combat cant be fathomed but it can be helped.Xolotl and 2 other Genasian's reached age 14 (an age where its pretty much ok to be on your own)traveled to Devil's Gull in search of excitement but instead were greeted by a battle between Zedian warriors and marauders. Taking cover behind a wagon watching the spectacle of the fight, the Zedian warriors started to fall back and retreat. The bandits noticed the group of and figured "if theyre not with us theyre against us" and proceeded to attack the unarmed Genasian's. One down...two down. They fended them off as best as they could. Before they could finish off Xolotl the Zedian reinforcement arrived and killed the last of the bandits but it was too little too late.The Zedian forces looked at the murdered boys and the shocked Xolotl.Squad leader Lieutenant Hannibal looks at the boy and decides to take him in as one of his own. He trains him in the art of combat and turns out to be a prodigy with the gift of battle. His combat skill complimented with his Genasi power, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Personality:Full of energy.Confident, almost cocky. Passionate,curious and a love for combat.In battle if he gets too excited he can briefly lose himself in the intoxicating ecstasy of combat.

Weakness:Pride could be his downfall, headstrong,being in large bodies of water (he cant conduct electricity well) and dense especially when it comes to women.

Strengths:Lightning resistant,very charismatic, prodigy in battle.