Liandra Baobab
Name: Liandra  Baobab
Gender: Female
Race: Root Pixie
Age: 33

Physical Description: Liandra is a root pixie, a wingless version of their cousins. She stands at a mere 6 inches tall with a petite frame. Other than the obvious height difference, her appearance is that of a normal human. With a few differences. Her ears are tapered to a point, her skin has a slight greenish brown tint, and her eyes don't have a pupil and are instead solid black orbs. Her teeth are more fang like too. Liandra has short hair light brown hair that is unkempt and disheveled. All across her body are splotches of darker brown skin, these birth marks are normal among root pixies, Liandra calls them dirt kisses. One large splotch covers half of her forehead and her left eye  Liandra has light hide armor tailor made for someone her size, and over that a cloak made from a large rat. The skull is still intact and is used by Liandra as a helmet. Her shoes don't have soles, and act more like ankle covers. Liandra wields a large crossbow that is as tall as her.

Powers/Abilities: She is a skilled marksman,and because of her size very stealthy and silent. She can jump up to 6 feet straight up. She can talk to all animals, she keeps a Red-bellied Woodpecker named Peaches as a mount. And she can cast illusions.

Personality: While she gives off the impression of being like any other pixie; childish, bubbly and excited. Liandra is much more mean spirited after facing significant loss. Hidden under her facade naivety, Liandra is a calculated killer and assassin. Something just turns off in her brain so that all her killing doesn't weigh down on her conscious.

Backstory: Liandra was a guardian of the fae. Her forest home was a safe haven for all other fairy folk and forest animals. She was trained to ride birds and scout out lost travelers and safely lead them away on a wild goose chase. But soon when the war spread people stopped wandering her forest and instead started to cut it down for supplies. The fairy folk tried with all their might to ward off the threat, but it wasn't long until their largest tree, Grandidier's Baobab, was cut and their home was lost.

Most of the fairy folk left to find other forests. For a while Liandra found shelter in a human household, secretly living there, stealing food and supplies from them.

But like her last home this one was hit once the war spread further and the house was caught in the crossfire. Fed up with losing everything, Liandre started taking out stray soldiers and important officers. Using a crossbow bolts tipped deadly poison from Ajunta mushroom. After a few kills, word of soldiers choking from swelled throats earned Liandra a notoriety as an assassin. But since no one knew who she was or what she looked liked, it took much longer for word to spread that she was only a small root pixie. One that just started taking payments for her work.

Strengths: Friendly and easy to talk to, stealthy, tough to fight against due to her size, carries deadly poison on her.

Weaknesses: Clingy to stuff she likes, greedy, her small stature can work against her if she gets caught.