Name: Norick
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon Kin
Age: 27
Physical Description: Tall, well-built, very attractive; horns curving from the top of her head backwards; ash-grey scales on her wings, tail, forearms, and shins; short black hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin.
Powers/Abilities: The standard Dragon Kin package, with some spells thrown in for flavor. Her fire-breath is an intensely-hot blue.
Personality: Being young and inexperienced in the ways of the world due to her sheltered existence, Norick often lacks tact or subtlety, but she usually means well. She's protective towards those she loves and neutral to those she doesn't… at least, unless they've made her angry. They usually don't survive long after that.

She's a bit of a patriot, as well, only not joining the Zedian Military because she doesn't like taking orders. Speaking of which, she can be rather hot-headed (no pun intended) about certain topics, but does her best not to come to blows over it, if only to avoid collateral damage.

Backstory: Born in the great capital of Zedia, Norick was the only child of an unscrupulous politician and a merchant, ending up in the latter's care and never meeting her father (if she had, her ideals might have ended up a bit differently). Not wanting to attract undue attention to herself or her daughter, Norick's mother kept her tucked away most of the time. Eventually, Norick tired of this and finally set out on her own, spending a small time in the military (boot camp, actually) before being expelled for failing to follow orders (read: chewing on the training dummies they were supposed to bring in alive). She's still quite interested in combat, however, and so wouldn't mind working for her city in an unofficial capacity…
Strengths: Very physically capable, even for a Dragon Kin. Her fire breath is blue-hot.
Weaknesses: Though not stupid, she's not tactically experienced, tending to use brute-force in fights, as well as conversation.