Renorlem Ishmael Bishop
Name: Renorlem Ishmael Bishop
Gender: Male
Race: Human with Elven Ancestry.
Age: 22
Physical Description: Renorlem, or Reno as he prefers when he's not going by one of his aliases is tall, lithe, and packed with ropey muscles. He stands at about 6'3", 215 lbs, and always has his jet black hair tied back, except for a little bit to cover his slightly pointed ears. His one notable feature are his striking eyes which are blue-hued with a solid black limbal ring. Usually Reno is clean shaven, apart from stretches spent cutting gems or taking days off for personal time away from the store.
He usually dresses in fineries, preferring his silk breeches and engraved leather riding boots, along with a shirt and hooded vest, concealing his long, sharp, and beautifully polished dagger. A bit of gold around his neck and a few rings complete his distinguished appearance.

Powers/Abilities: Reno is skilled in a few schools of magic, though he prefers subtle spells of deception and trickery, and good old fashioned misdirection.
In addition, Renorlem is an accomplished acrobat and knows his way around a dagger (Both in melee and throwing it) and garotte, and is fairly competent with a bow should the need arise. Reno is also an accomplished grappler with a high-flying style, though he only does so when absolutely needed.

Personality: Reno is incredibly cheerful and friendly and strives to be polite and professional. If one had to describe his negatives they might say that he was cold and had a bit of a dark sense of humor, along with a forgettable face. Reno has a bit of an eccentric tastes regarding decor and fashion. He is a big fan of masks, specifically ancient and tribal designs.


Renorlem resides in Todmorden, running a small gem and pawn shop.