Pol Sevlen
Name: Pol Sevlen
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 30

Physical Description: Not the most physically intimidating of the Sevlen line, Pol stands at just over her mother's height, taking after her in the slight shape of her chin, and in the darker complexion of her features. Pol resembles her father more in build and the set of her shoulders, lending her a stockier air that she preferred in her younger days. However, that solid build has long since proved invaluable in carting people and goods back and forth through the Pass.

Abilities: Due to the nature of the family business, she has not only years of applicable combat under her belt, but also a working knowledge of herbs, natural remedies, and a few not so natural ones. Is well versed in the Sevlen family spear arts.

Personality: Pol is an affable sort, given to displays of camaraderie, and gallows humor perhaps a little too often due to the company she has kept in the past. However, she also knows when to get straight to business, and prefers a little more order to chaos.

Backstory: The Sevlen family name once carried a noble weight behind it, but those days have long since past. Two generations ago, the head of the family, Sir Balas Sevlen, attempted to use his influence to ingratiate the family further into the upper class within Zedia, by proposing the marriage of his eldest to the heiress of a lesser known family in the Steel District. The proposal was disastrous, as it was outwardly viewed as a sheer grab for power. Sir Balas met with an untimely end courtesy of a Thren Adder slipped into his study, and the Sevlen family was slowly ostracized from the usual social gatherings. Merchant deals went sour, and over the next fifteen years, the name was all but forgotten, the household nearly bankrupt. As a result, the remaining Sevlen relocated to the Iron District to eke out a lesser existence.

Pol's father, Marco Sevlen, being a cousin of the main line, was less affected by the lowered status, and continued working diligently to maintain what ties he still had amongst the nobility. In the Iron District, it was far easier to deal with the merchants and traders coming in through Boulder Pass, forging new connections and establishing a modest but worthwhile business that way.  As the skirmishes heated up, the Sevlen family turned to the profitable business of managing a small mercenary company that provided generally safe passage through parts of the Border, and for the trade caravans moving through Boulder Pass.

For her part, Pol grew up in the periphery of the city, working alongside her parents and learning the trade. She spent a good many years working administration for the company, and occasionally went out on escort duty to ensure the company standards were being met. Eventually, she decided that field work was more interesting, and used the excuse to travel on longer expeditions, forging more ties for the business, and meeting both new clients as well as potential hires.

At present, she all but runs the business, though the particulars of administration are handled by her elder brother Fren, and occasionally their mother. Pol deals with vetting prospective members, while Fren handles public relations, having taken over that aspect from their father recently. Marco, himself, still heads the company, but keeps mainly to his role in training personnel.

Strengths: Has a head for numbers, and is a stickler for upholding the core regulations of the Sevlen Company. Is reasonably good in dealing with troublesome issues, provided a straightforward manner is the answer.

Weaknesses: Still feels a need to uphold the family name, which has gotten her in trouble on more than one occasion, and is likely the reason behind her brother taking up position as face of the company. Pol has a vague sensitivity to magic, but lacks the time and inclination to pursue beyond simple curiosity. She has a habit of speaking her mind on occasion, a habit that others might consider inappropriate.