Alexander Drake
Name: Alexander Drake
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Twenty-Seven
Physical Description: Alexander is a handsome, lithe, athletic man with a muscular build thanks to his years of naval service and determined blue eyes. His rich brown hair hangs just past his jaw and he keeps his matching beard neatly trimmed around his mouth. He still wears his old naval uniform, albeit with all of the heraldic symbolism removed and in a more casual state, and upon his back hangs a cape with epaulettes atop the shoulders. A belt circles his waist and crosses up over his chest and right shoulder, and upon it hang several small pouches as well as his smallsword, which rest on his left hip, and a dagger which is attached to the strap that goes over his shoulder against the small of his back. He carries himself with a sense of dignity and pride befitting a nobleman such as himself, yet without the superiority that many nobles often exhibit.

Powers/Abilities: Alexander is a skilled swordsman and fencer, as well as a gifted naval commander and tactician. He is also a charismatic and talented orator thanks to his noble upbringing, with a silver tongue that has served him well in the past.

Personality: Alexander is a determined, charismatic man with a strong sense of loyalty to his friends, a romantic heart, and an intense personal pride. He loves the freedom he has found since he and his lover Annith Dree deserted the navy, and is determined to protect her whatever it takes. He is a gentleman at heart, although he will not hesitate to do what is necessary, and enjoys socializing with those whom he considers to be his friends. He is light-hearted and playful while in the company of those he trusts, but can be serious should the need arise.

Strengths: Gifted naval tactician and commander, Knowledgeable about ships and their associated technology including the new cannons which have begun seeing use in Nydelisien's navy, Has an eye for good soldiers and crewmen.

Weaknesses: Unable to manipulate magic even if he knew how to use it, Blind in his left eye (Will occur early in RP), Has no military command experience on land beyond the basics he learned at the naval academy

Backstory: Alexander was born the first son of the Drake Family, a minor noble house in Todmorden which aspired to curry the favor of the Huffen Family and become a noteworthy member of the royal court. As a result of their grandiose dreams Alexander was raised with the highest of expectations and studied fencing, sailing, and various other skills. Much of the Drake's wealth came from mercantile investments and trading so he spent much of his free time as a child at the docks and on the various ships owned by his parents, and it came to no one's surprise that as a teenager he joined the naval academy. As the years passed he proved himself a skilled swordsman and capable leader, resulting in him earning a commission aboard one of the navy's pirate hunting sloops as a Lieutenant when he graduated from the academy at the age of nineteen.

In the field he proved himself, showing a natural predisposition for creative tactics and an ability to adapt well to unexpected situations. He was well liked by the sailors under his command and respected by naval command, and it was expected that he would eventually become a captain himself in time. What wasn't expected was just how soon that would be. Three years into his commission, during battle with a pirate vessel on the Elder Sea, a fireball exploded and sent shrapnel everywhere, killing the captain of his vessel and injuring several others. Thinking quickly Alexander took command of the remaining crew and led their counter-attack, saving their sloop and killing or capturing the enemy pirates as well as their ship. Following the battle he retained command until they returned to Todmorden where the chain of command made the rank official as well as bestowing him with a medal for his bravery and coolness under fire. The award ceremony was an event of great pride for his family and his teenaged brother, who had just entered the naval academy himself the year before, looked on with unabashed admiration.

As a result of his accomplishments Alexander was secretly approached by a military officer with a special request; that he be the steward of a beautiful young Elven mage who had been bitten by a werewolf while on a mission for the military. Her name was Annith Dree, the daughter of a more notable noble house than his own, and he was smitten by her beauty when he first met her. Most of the time she served as his ship's mage, aiding in their pirate hunting endeavors, yet each month when the full moon rose in the night sky she was bound in chains in the hold so that she could not break free and slaughter the crew. Despite her feral rage and vicious attempts to break free Alexander spent each full moon in the hold watching over her to ensure that the crew did not find out, although they quickly learned anyways, and it was always his warm, concerned smile which she woke to the following morning after her involuntary change. Much to both her and his own surprise many of the crewmen were accepting of her affliction once they found out, as the crew had grown fond of her, and as he got to know her more Alexander fell more and more in love with the intelligent, beautiful young noble.

In time they became lovers over the next four years and as Annith gained her sea legs she began to take on more command duties aboard their vessel, studying naval tactics with her lover until he chose her as his first mate. With Alexander's help and encouragement she eventually gained more control over her changes, and their future looked bright until they returned to port in Todmorden one day to find the military waiting for them. To their surprise the upper echelons of military command had not been aware of Annith's affliction, a fact which they had gotten wind of from one of the few crewmen who had not accepted her and thus had requested a place aboard another vessel. She had been deemed too dangerous to live, and thus they had awaited the lovers' return to deliver the orders for her execution. Alexander's ship was impounded at the docks under the command of a new captain who was to take his place following his discipline and Annith was bound in the hold to await her execution. The crew was restless and enraged by this, but the new, harsh captain and the command crew he brought with him forced the crew into an uneasy obedience.

Alexander was livid at the news, especially when they ignored his arguments that Annith's control was improving, and he resolved to remedy this grave injustice. Knocking out the guards assigned to his room he slipped out and snuck aboard his ship with the aid of the night watchman, where he found the cruel captain in the hold taunting Annith and promptly impaled the man from behind with his smallsword. From there he and his crew killed the remaining loyalist crewmen aboard the ship, cast off, and left both Todmorden and the service of the royal navy. That was over a year ago and since then Alexander, Annith, and their crew have been preying on vessels in the Elder Sea, especially those carrying supplies for the military. They rechristened their sloop the “Bloody Rose”, and have thus far enjoyed great success as pirates thanks to Alexander's military experience, naval brilliance, and Annith's magical abilities, including her Lycanthropy. The shame of his desertion took a toll on the Drake Family's standing in court and as a result his parents disowned him, yet none were as hurt as his younger brother Frederick. Now graduated and with a brevet commission in command of a pirate-hunting sloop the younger Drake is determined to hunt his older brother down and bring him to justice, thus hopefully restoring their family's standing and earning a reputation for himself.