Annith Dree
Age: She stopped counting, but at least a 100... Maybe a 110?
Physical Description: Pale skin is barely darker then her blond, nearly white hair, covering her shoulders when she lets it down. Normally, it is in a small braid against her neck to keep it out of the way, her eyes watching over everything and the color of fresh spring leaves. Her build is lithe and lightly muscled from constant work, and she stands at 6 feet tall (or so she claims; she is slightly shorter then that). As is common for the race, she has pointed ears that tend to stick out from her head, but those too tend to be kept back as best as she is able. It is best not to anger Annith, however, and when this normally calm individual is angered, her eyes will darken and begin to turn to the color of tarnished gold coins. A quiet smile is her usual front, however, so it is difficult to judge how close to rage she really is.

When the line is crossed, this thin and 'serene' elf begins to change, gaining a good foot in height as tawny fur covers her form. Her teeth are replaced by fangs that rip and shred, with a feathered tail that helps her to balance. It is momentarily painful for her to change, so she prefers not to, though a tawny wolf is sometimes seen when she needs to get somewhere quickly.

Her clothing is somewhat tight and military-like, keeping it just as out of the way as her hair is, and like her hair, which is her pride, she keeps her uniform as clean as one can manage while out to sea.

Powers/Abilities: Lycanthropy, magic, communication with animals, keen senses, especially of hearing; quicker then usual healing.

Personality: As she was raised, Annith is a calm and quiet individual, well spoken and articulate and learned in the art of magic. She is intelligent, but tries to hide it and will go out of her way when on ship to be someplace high. It gives her a sense of comfort that lacks when she is not in her lover's arms. She is a stern individual when on the job, and only marginally relaxed when on land. Gifts make her wary, and it takes time for her trust to be earned, though once it is, you will not easily lose her loyalty. Due to her second nature, she is protective of her pack and what's right for it.

Backstory: Annith came from a noble family, and when her magically capabilities were discovered, she was praised and showered with quiet an exuberant life. Even when she enrolled into the military of Nydelisien (as was tradition for her family), she was looked well of... She rose quickly with her loyalty and ability to do what needed doing.

Life was good for her... until her unit came across a feral werewolf and met it at the wrong end of its claws and teeth. Badly mauled, there was worry that she wouldn't make it, dragged to safety by one of the few who made it out. That is, until the full moon rose and her first transformation took place. The next morning, she found out she had killed three people, including the man that had saved her.

While she was in solitary, left to recover, her family found out and they were not pleased with her new condition. She recieved a letter, informing her that while she was still loved, she was no longer welcome in her own home. For the sake of image, she could come home when she needed, but her condition was something to be ashamed of.

Once she had recovered (at least physically), she was sent to work under Alexander Drake on his ship, to keep her out of the way and under the proverbial radar. Alexander was informed of her condition, and as such, once a month, she is tied below decks with chains she cannot break. The crew was quick to find out, but unlike her family, not all rejected her. In fact, her Captain managed to break through her defenses, and she found herself first smitten with the man, and then falling in love. The crew became accepting of her lycanthropy, and with time, she considered them her family as well.

What she hadn't taken into consideration, however, was her family. When she was drafted into the Navy, her family pulled strings to keep her affliction from her higher ups. In turn, though, secrets are not easily kept. The Navy came a calling, demanding Annith's execution, and their captain made a decision that startled even Annith. He ran, with her in tow... And the crew not far behind. And so, they have been on the run since.