Name: Leo

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 38

Physical Description: 5'8" with black skin and well-toned muscles. He has scars on his chest, shoulders and back. Usually in peasant/commoner like leathery pants and shirt. His sword is sheathed and strapped diagonally across his back along with the shovel that has been passed down his family for generations creating an X.

Powers/Abilities: Swordplay, Fishing and Cooking

Personality: A friendly and simple man who enjoys fishing and polishing his sword and shovel. Face covered in a modest beard/mustache combo.

Backstory: A simple fisherman in the outskirts of The Kingdom of Nydelisien, Leo has developed a knack for hunting. He's battle sharks, bears, and many other creatures that compete with him for fishing spots. He has suffered quite a few scars, but he's managed to survive this long on his own, though some say he can be very fierce in battle. He is unable to remember who he is, where he comes from or even his own name. All he remembers is waking up alone near the border of the two kingdoms with nothing but his sword, his family's shovel, and a tattoo on his arm that reads, LEO. One day, while paying his respects to his late family and goddess, he is called on upon to aid in the transport of some of the finest fish he had caught to the next kingdom due to his friendly demeanor. So with his sword in one hand, and his trusty shovel in the other, he decides to set off on this seeming short adventure that is destined to change his life.

Strengths: Shoveling, Trade Negotiations.

Weaknesses: Gullible, Forgetful,