Gorim Goldhorn
Name: Gorim Goldhorn

Gender: Male

Race: Minotaur

Age: 40

Physical Description: 9 feet tall, with 2 1/2 ft long horns, though his left horn is severely damaged. Dark fur covers his head hooves and chest, though grays are trickling here and there, but his skin is rather light due to the excessive use of his armor. Bulky in physic, he has a hard time getting through doors often. He has heavy plate-mail, with a custom Minotaur helm. He is riddled with scars, but none that have a significant story or intrigue.
Powers/Abilities: Aside from his size, he is incredibly strong and durable, which is to make up for his lack of speed and magic. He wields a great-sword like it's a long sword, and a tower shield. (a single maul if that's a bit much). Though his speed is laughable, he is said to be able to carry a fully loaded small wagon, though has never been required to prove it.

Personality: Gorim detests most other races. Not out of prejudice or spite, but simply because they all try to run things as if the world is peaceful and in their control. He sees the world for what he needs it to be; a place to live and survive. He tends to avoid civilization as much as possible, tending to the Dead Mountains more. He is however capable of friendship, though it is hard to earn. He also likes the sound of the harp.

Back-story: Gorim was once a protector of his people, he was respected and considered his duty to keep them from harm at all costs. He had no immediate family, as his parents died while he was young, and he never fancied a mate or children. One day, when he and the guards were out, a large contingent of of slavers raided the village and killed the elders, while capturing the women and children. Gorim and the rest of the soldiers eventually found the slaver camp, and in a blind rage, attacked the camp. It was a bloody and violent battle, with most of his comrades slain and few of his people surviving the slavers attempts to kill them while still restrained. Gorim was eventually attacked by a powerful mage that was among the slavers, and was badly injured in the fight, with his left horn cracked and singed, but he eventually killed the mage. The remainder of his people were too few to survive the coming winters, with bandits, disease, starvation and beasts a constant threat. Now only Gorim remains of his village, and with the looming war, dreads that he may get dragged into a war he wants no part of.

Strengths: Incredible strength and durability, loyal when it is earned, protective of those he considers friends.

Weaknesses: Extremely quick to anger and not so quick to get out of it, usually refuses to be around people unless the coin is good or the destination is mutual, is slow in due to heavy armor and weapons