Lilith Sereg
Name: Lilith Sereg
Gender: Female
Race: Human/Blood Mage
Age: 26
Physical Description: Lilith is tall and slim, standing at 5’9” barefoot. Black hair cascades in soft waves to just below her shoulder blades and frames a heartshaped face. Her lips are full and often  quirked in a half smile. She appears perfectly human in all ways  except for her eyes which are an unnatural shade of crimson.
Typically Lilith dresses in rough leather breeches, sturdy boots, and a plain sleeveless shirt. She carries a pair of daggers at her belt.

Powers/Abilities: Her magic is powered by blood, either her own or someone else’s. If she’s using someone else’s blood it has to be fresh and close enough that she could touch it. With blood magic risk = reward. Quite simply the more blood she uses to power a spell the more powerful it will be. Most of her spells revolve around either manipulating and shaping blood directly such as forming it into a spray of razor sharp needles or summoning blood fiends to fight for her. Summoning anything useful requires large amounts of blood and as such she rarely uses it unless the situation is truly dire.
Healing is in many ways the antithesis of blood magic but Lilith can close up wounds she inflicts on herself. Injuries inflicted by others she’s not able to heal magically. Additionally one of the greatest drawbacks of using blood magic is that over time the user loses the ability to feel pain. While it allows them to cut themselves with impunity it also means that injuries, especially internal injuries can go unnoticed.
Lilith is also relatively skilled with a dagger, but she’s far more likely to turn the blade on herself to power her magic than to attack directly with something so mundane.
Personality: Lilith is reserved, but friendly enough in her own way. There are few she truly trusts and she tends to keep most people at a distance. While slow to anger, once her temper is roused she has a hard time getting it back under control.
Backstory: The Sereg clan has practiced blood magic for time out of mind. In fact it is the only type of magic any of them are capable of. Because blood magic carries a stigma they tended to keep to themselves, offering their services discreetly to those who knew to ask. Lilith was trained in magic from an early age and proved to be particularly skilled at combat oriented spells. It was her greatest passion and she strove to improve her skills to the exclusion of almost all else. By the time Lilith turned 18 she had already completely lost the ability to feel pain, a relatively rare occurrence; most retained some sensitivity until their early thirties.
Rather than stay and work small magics from the shadows Lilith left her clan and took work with a mercenary band. Since then she has constantly been on the move and never settled in any one place for long.
Strengths: Decisive, and fair minded she considers her options before making a choice but once a choice is made she unwavering in her course.
Weaknesses: She cannot feel pain meaning that she may not realize she is injured until it kills her. She also holds onto grudges.